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Character creating notes:
This campaign goes from level 1 – 20, and mythic tiers 1 – 10.

25 point buy (this is so you can shore up weaknesses and not have as many dump stats)

Banned classes:

Altered classes:
Cavalier (more info later)
Rogue (just because I hate them)

We are using mythic rules, so think about your path and powers and synergize your character accordingly.

Due to the mythic element, your characters gain power from a unique event in the game, meaning your characters are irreplaceable. We’ll handle character death when we get to it.

So choose a character you like a lot, and one you’ll want to play all the way up to level 20. Also think about a heroic and mythic element to them. Basically, if they became gods, who the hell would worship them? What domains would they represent? What tales will the bards tell in years to come?

I don’t mind people coming up with a few concepts and sticking to something they like. You guys will be commanding armies, so any unused character concepts can become your generals, huscarls, and retainers.

You will be fighting demons, so, heads up on that. Also, these demons aren’t summoned, so protection from evil and dismissal aren’t going to work the way they do against summoned creatures.

Potential character origin ideas:
Apart from the traits in the player’s guide, you could think about where your character is from.

- Criminal from some southern nation, sent to Mendev on a boatload of other criminals, thugs and political dissidents, as “support” for the Mendev crusade. Secretly just sent away because their country of birth wants to get rid of them. Mendevians view the character as just another boatload of scum, without purity in their heart. Many hope the character will die on the front line, but this character makes a habit of letting people underestimate them.

- A Sarkosian, hell bent on reclaiming their ancient lands. Likely following the old way of Sarkosia. Paints self in woad and has lots of celtic knots and jewelery. Good for druid or rangers.

- An Iobarian grown up on the streets of Mendev as a rat and gutter-snipe. People have little trust or faith in you, but you aspire to greater things than your low upbringing.

- A conjuration specialist, seeking to find greater understanding in the veil between Golarion and the abyss.

- A worshipper of Aroden (can’t have access to magic), wanting to honour Aroden’s battle against Deskari, and believing that closing the Worldwound might allow Aroden back into the world.

- Child of a foppish Mendev noble, wanting to abandon the trappings of wealth and security and fight like a true Mendev hero.

Note on crafting:
You guys are going to be busy. You’re also going to be very important. Therefore, rather than worrying about gold and the like, your characters will have a level appropriate amount of magic items given to you to assist you. Any gold you find in the adventure will just go to the war effort, or to building your HQ. Therefore, we won’t need to cover gold costs. In addition, items are going to be crafted for you, so you won’t need to take crafting feats. If people are happy with this, I’ll roll with it. If people like crafting, we might work something out so you don’t need to waste feats on it, but can still do crafting.

Perthfinder Wrath of the Righteous

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